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About the game

We're making isometric survival game with massive multiplayer mode. We're a group of hobbyists, so making this game took us a lot of work.

What is our game about?
You are waking up on an island (randomly generated) and you don't remember anything. You find out that island was the object of psychological experiments. There are abandoned laboratories, strange buildings, secrets and other things.

We are going to implement many new and interensting solutions


  • • Small, Medium and Large worlds (up to few kilometers).
  • • 3 Biomes: Winter, Desert and Forest.
  • • Rain, snow and hurricane!
  • • Possibility to build your own base (support Multi-Level Building).
  • • Brand new system of crafting - Gain exp, Level up and spend special points for blueprints! Just craft Guns, Weapons, Tools, Furniture, Clothes and many
  • • Animals
  • • Many amazing items (Hand painted).
  • • Explore various buildings.
  • • Play in singleplayer and multiplayer mode!
  • • Create multiple worlds and share them.
  • • Make your own vehicle from parts of broken airplanes and some wood !
  • • Sail on your hand-made boat to neighbor small islands around that big one.

and many more future features... (we will developing this game til the end Play on your own or with friends on many Official or Community servers :)

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  • Minimal:
  • • Operating system: Windows Vista, Mac, Linux
  • • Processor: Dual Core 3GHz
  • • Memory: 3GB RAM
  • • Graphics Card: Intel Graphic HD


Dorian MazurProject leader & Programmer

Franciszek Radecki2D Artist

Bartek Bartol3D Artist

Michał DudekMusic composer & Web designer

Mateusz ŚwiderFront-end & Filmmaker

Paulina Nowicka2D Artist

Kamil KapałkaProgrammer